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WTF is Social Deflation? (aka Coin AF's secret sauce)

Social deflation is a new concept coined (pun intended) by Coin AF. It's a revolutionary new mechanism which allows the community to have a direct impact on the burning of tokens. They way it works is simple: Every day a check will be made for the number of new likes, shares, mentions, and comments on our social media (starting with X/Twitter). An equal amount of tokens will be burned from the burn wallet. This means YOU can help burn tokens by simply engaging with our content. The more you engage, the more tokens get burned. It's that simple.

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3,825,031,324 total COINAF

9% Burn Wallet - Every month a percentage is set aside to burn or airdrop. If tokens aren't burned, they get airdropped.

91% sent to LP, burned and contract renounced

About Coin AF

Imagine you're at a fancy party, sipping on some overpriced champagne, when suddenly, you spot Coin AF strutting its stuff across the room. It's not just any cryptocurrency; it's the life of the party. People are throwing confetti, the DJ is blasting tunes, and Coin AF? It's leading the conga line, shouting, “To the moon and beyond, baby!“

But wait, there's more!

You know those boring old coins? The ones that make you yawn so hard, your neighbor thinks you're practicing for a deep-sea diving competition? Yeah, forget about 'em. Coin AF is here to spice things up. It's like the Tony Stark of cryptocurrencies—charming, witty, and always ready for action.

Still not convinced? Let's break it down:

It's Aggressive AF: Coin AF doesn't tiptoe around like a shy introvert at a party. No sir! It kicks down the door, grabs the mic, and announces its arrival with a bang.

It's Funny AF: Who says finance has to be boring? With Coin AF, every transaction is a comedy show. Picture this: you buy some Coin AF, and it responds with a witty one-liner that leaves you in stitches. It's like having a stand-up comedian in your wallet!

It's Fearless AF: While other cryptocurrencies are busy playing it safe, Coin AF is out there, living life on the edge. It's not afraid to take risks, break the rules, and shake things up. Because let's face it—where's the fun in playing it safe?

It's Trendy AF: Let's be real—everyone wants to be part of the cool crowd. And right now, Coin AF is the coolest kid on the block. With its flashy personality and trendsetting ways, it's the talk of the town, the belle of the ball, the Beyoncé of cryptocurrencies.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Coin AF revolution today and show the world that you're not just another sheep in the cryptocurrency herd. With Coin AF by your side, the sky's the limit. Or should we say, the moon's the limit?


1. Launch AF
2. Chill AF
3. Moon AF

Draw AF

Coming soon, draw with other cool AF people